Credit Score Analysis

How Can Credit Disputes Help With Your Credit Score Analysis?

If you are looking to repair your credit score, one of the first things that a credit repair company will do is to complete a credit score analysis. The analysis takes a look at your credit score and determines what your score is and why it is the score that it is. From there, a common technique that many credit repair companies use is credit disputes. They dispute negative information on your credit report. If you are new to credit repair, you may be wondering how a dispute can help your score. Read on to learn more.

Credit disputes may be done for a number of reasons. The information may be past the legal time frame in which it can remain on your credit report, the amount that was charged may be in dispute, or it may not even be an account you recognize as being your own. Negative information on your credit report brings your score down. When a credit score analysis is done, and negative information is disputed, the company that provided that information must prove the validity of the debt. If they are unable to show that it is your debt or that the amount is correct, that information has to be removed from your credit report. Removing negative information can help your score to go up, which is what you want when repairing your credit.

If you are working to improve your credit score, Simple Credit Repair Services can help you. We start out by completing a credit score analysis, and then may complete credit disputes, if you have negative information bringing your score down. Get in touch with us today to find out why your score may be low and what can be done to improve it.