About Us

 Simple Credit Repair Services is a Veteran-owned Credit Service that provides our clients with specialized, assistance in repairing and rebuilding their Credit reports to the greatest of our ability. With our highly professional and methodological approach, we cut through the numbers to help get you back on the road to good credit. Personally, helping you understand your own credit situation. Due to a large variety of possible situations, each of our clients goes through a thorough process so that our team can figure out the specific steps needed to provide you with financial relief and assistance. 


Our main focus is helping clients back onto the path of financial freedom so that you qualify for the house or vehicle you deserve. Analyzing your reports for fraud, then identifying errors found by negative and inaccurate reported information that is affecting your score in an unfavorable fashion. Sending mailed disputes on your behalf to correct these inaccuracies hence improving your Credit score. Strictly and continuously following the criteria of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which means you can relax knowing you are in reputable hands. 


Simple Credit Repair Services looks forward to helping you push through difficult situations due to unfavorable Credit as a Veteran-owned business, Simple Credit Repair Services shall endlessly uphold our fundamental and characteristic Military core values! 


Loyalty - Providing our clients with our support, for a secure and reliable service that you can trust. 


Obligation - Providing our clients with the best-administered service in the industry while delivering the results you deserve on time. 


Respect - Regardless of the situation, we will treat all our customers equally with the same respect and integrity. 


Honor - Being honest and forthright with all of our customers, a corporation with high standards and determination to ensure you reach your financial goals.

 Integrity - Maintaining deadlines, delivering genuine results, and correspondence at all times. 


Appreciative of our professional staff of Board and Score Certified Credit Consultants who continue to convey the expert advice required to bring your Credit score up successfully. Specialized in conducting investigations on your Credit reports ensuring that the Credit Bureaus, Furnishers and 3rd party collectors are complying with the regulations of the FCRA and FDCPA.